Pure Eucalyptus Oil from Eurospa Is the Essential Oil for Your Steam Room

The Benefits Are Obvious and the Costs Negligible

  • Pleasing and healing aromatic scent of Eucalyptus
  • Eucalyptus oil is a known anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
  • Trouble free Mystifier automated delivery system
  • All for under $3 per day
The scent of eucalyptus is variously described as woodsy-sweet, cooling, refreshing, energizing, fresh, pleasing, revitalizing. No wonder it has been the choice aromatic for steam rooms over the centuries. read more

Combine the sensory pleasing effects with the health and cleansing benefits of Eurospa's pure oil blend, and you have a customer pleasing combination worth a king's ransom. Fortunately, the cost is more like a piker's penance. read more

Mildew and mold and their associated smell are frowned upon as part of the spa experience. Steam born eucalyptus oil wipes out bacteria and microbes before they can get a foothold in your steam room. read more

As Seen in Club Solutions Magazine
Classy steam rooms don't have plastic spray bottles, sponges in a bowl, or wilted leaves as the delivery system for eucalyptus. All are messy, require attention, generally use cheap oils, and are inefficient. A Mystifier automatic injection system resolves all those issues. read more

What are you waiting for? A website special? We've got one of those! The day in and day out price of the Mystifier automatic eucalyptus oil injector system is a lot less than you probably think. And the pure eucalyptus oil blend is very reasonable, too. But for a limited time… read more

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